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band name
"Americana — Bluegrass Re-Imagined"


Mugs, T-shirts, hats, etc.

Silly Promotional Products Department
mug tshirt hat Click on any image to see other silly stuff. . .


If you want to post photos of the band or make any comments, we welcome them on our Facebook pages.
FB BAND Page https://www.facebook.com/3.Play.Ricochet/
FB GROUP page https://www.facebook.com/groups/359959604092541/

Contact Us
We would like to hear how you like the band, how you like the band's website, places that you think we should play, and so on, so please contact us. Here's how.
Book the Band email: Booking@3PlayRicochet.com
phone: 206-781-5026 (afternoons)
Comments/suggestions about the web page email: Webmaster@3PlayRicochet.com
Any other questions or comments email: Info@3PlayRicochet.com

Contact You

Here's how we can contact you to let you know about upcoming performances –
subscribe to the 3 Play Ricochet email list.

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Stage Plots
Sound setup for noisy environments Sound setup for quiet environments
8 mic setup
(click for a larger version)
4 mic setup
(click for a larger version)

Input list for 8-input setup
4 cardioid vocal mics on stands
1 cardioid instrument mic on a stand
1 XLR w/phantom power for bass mic
1 XLR for guitar pedalboard (has DI)
1 1/4" phone for dobro (has no DI)

Input list for 4-input setup
Straight stand for our vocal mic
XLR w/phantom for our vocal mic
XLR w/phantom for our bass mic
XLR for guitar pedalboard (has DI)
1/4" phone for dobro (has no DI)

Note: we keep experimenting with mic setups, so if the date on either of these is not recent the information may only be approximate. . .


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